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About Us: Wit & Vine

It may seem crazy to launch a t-shirt line in the saturated (pun intended) wine t-shirt market, but I was driven to make wine-themed tees that my friends and I wanted to wear. T-shirts that were funny but also kind of, well, serious about wine.

We wanted tees that use the cool, everyday lingo of wine nerds and industry folks, like “Hella Chenin,” “Natty,” and “Crunchy.” We wanted t-shirts that reflected the puns, wicked sense of humor, intelligence, and playfulness of the wine lovers, somms, and wine producers we know.

But we couldn't find them, so I made them. Now, here they are, at Wit & Vine. Our t-shirts are really for all wine lovers, whether you just plain love to drink killer juice or you craft, sell, or promote wines. Wit & Vine customers are all bound by a common love of wine.

We create our environmentally- and ethically-conscientious Wit & Vine t-shirts with love and an occasional wine-fueled late-night session, for people who appreciate a great bottle of wine and a funny line. We hope you are one of them.

Thank you for checking us out!

aka @svwinelist